At PISTISUS, our specialized Society & Environment department is dedicated to promoting a sustainable economy and contributing to the development of thriving and healthy communities. Our consultants are highly trained and possess extensive experience across various industries, including agriculture, energy, mining, tourism, manufacturing, and construction.

Our focus lies in comprehending the intricate dynamics between businesses, the environment, and the society they operate within. It’s vital to understand that the environmental and social impacts of a company not only affect the society and the environment but also the company itself in terms of its social license to operate, reputation, legal risks, and finances.

Our services encompass the evaluation and management of environmental and social impacts, design and implementation of corporate social responsibility programs, support for environmental and social risk management, involvement with local communities, and the development of stakeholder relations, among others.

Regarding the evaluation and management of environmental and social impacts, our services range from initial impact assessment to the implementation and monitoring of mitigation and compensation plans. Our approach centers around early risk and opportunity identification, along with the implementation of innovative and effective solutions.

When it comes to designing and implementing corporate social responsibility programs, our consultants excel in identifying and prioritizing issues relevant to businesses. We tailor programs that address these concerns, working with companies to develop strategies that meet the needs of local communities while promoting sustainable development and social inclusion.

We also provide assistance in managing environmental and social risks, including risk identification, evaluation, and the implementation of strategies for effective risk management. We’re committed to helping businesses improve their environmental and social performance, reduce risks, and enhance operational efficiency.

Moreover, our experience in engaging local communities and fostering stakeholder relations allows us to aid businesses in developing and maintaining positive relationships. This extends to local communities, regulators, interest groups, and other key players. We collaborate with companies to craft effective engagement strategies, ensuring the concerns and needs of all stakeholders are considered and addressed.

In summary, at PISTISUS, our specialized Society & Environment department possesses the required expertise to assist companies in addressing environmental and social challenges. Our focus is on promoting sustainable development and contributing to the creation of more prosperous and healthier communities.



Navigating the ocean of innovation.


Navigating the ocean of innovation.


In summary, at PISTISUS, we offer comprehensive and tailored services to help companies address environmental and social challenges, promote sustainable development, and efficiently manage resources. Our highly trained and experienced consultants work with companies to identify and address the environmental and social impacts of their operations, ensuring compliance with relevant environmental and social regulations and fostering positive relationships with stakeholders.