At XTechDev, we’re at the forefront of blockchain and crypto consulting, offering cutting-edge solutions to revolutionize industries. As a division of PISTISUS Consulting, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and driving meaningful change in the digital landscape.

Our Services


We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients:


Blockchain Solutions: From custom blockchain development to implementing smart contracts, we provide solutions that harness the power of blockchain technology to drive efficiency and transparency.


Financial Bridges: Our expertise in decentralized finance (DeFi) and cross-chain asset transfers enables seamless transactions and liquidity enhancement.


Crosschain Integration: We facilitate interoperability between different blockchain networks, promoting transparency and enabling efficient asset transfer.


Privacy Solutions: Our privacy-enhancing technologies ensure confidentiality in digital transactions, fostering trust and security.


Wallet Solutions: We develop secure and user-friendly wallets to facilitate cryptocurrency payments and asset management.


Decentralized Exchanges: Our decentralized exchange platforms promote transparent and efficient trading mechanisms, fostering sustainability and economic growth.


Asset Lockers: We provide secure storage solutions for digital assets, protecting intellectual property and ensuring trust in online transactions.


Smart Contracts: Our smart contract solutions automate contract execution, reducing costs and enhancing transparency across industries.


Staking and Yield Farming: We offer opportunities for passive income through staking and yield farming, incentivizing user participation and loyalty.


Additional Services: Our portfolio includes services such as NFT market development, tokenization of assets, governance mechanisms, supply chain solutions, identity management, interoperability protocols, and regulatory compliance.